​​​​Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Many users still have problems with laptops that are overheating, and this can sometimes cause serious consequences. Data loss is the first problem that can occur to you when you are working on a laptop that is creating too much heat, but there is more. Unfortunately, high temperature can damage various components inside of the computer, such as ports and circuits, graphic cards or even the processor. If that is not enough, your laptop can even become a source of fire if you leave it unattended for a longer period and this can even have catastrophic results, such as a burned down house or an apartment. Luckily, the solution to this problem already exists, and it comes in the form of cooling pads. One such model is the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad, and this little thing can save you from a lot of problems and inconveniences when you are working or playing with your favorite laptop. 

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Basic Features

Many cooling pads are created with a minimalist design, and they come in various themes and styles since they are predominantly used by pro-gamers and people who are into that kind of entertainment. When it comes to Tree New Bee Cooling Pad, which we talk about in this review, it is important to say that this gadget offers great value for money because it is very cheap but also very efficient and built with quality in mind. It comes equipped with four cooling fans, which are 120 mm in diameter and they spin at 1200 rounds per minute (rpm). This is more than enough cooling power, and due to its size – this cooling pad can easily cool 17-inch laptops. Naturally, this is not the best laptop stand for bed, mostly because of the fact that this laptop holder is designed to be on a flat surface, using the air around it for effective cooling. Unlike a reading desk for bed, this device will cool your laptop and prevent it from overheating, but it is best if you position it on a table and use your computer there. Besides those four fans, this computer accessory has two anti-skid arms which are used to prevent sliding and unwanted movement of the laptop. Your laptop will not fall off of the cooling pad and you can be relaxed and work in a comfortable position.

Special Features

Modern cooling pads are connected to the laptop’s system through USB ports, but this means that they occupy one of the ports and this can sometimes cause problems for those users who use many devices at the same time or simply require all of those USB slots available for something else. That is the reason why Tree New Bee Cooling Pad comes with extra USB ports, which means that you can connect your smartphone or some other device and make your desk a proper multifunctional workstation. Also, this cooling pad has blue LED lights placed in the middle of its fans, and this little touch gives a more sensational feel to the whole gadget and makes it look futuristic. With its stylish, black-themed body and alien-like shape, this product will surely attract any gamer who wants to have a top-notch piece of equipment in its collection. Additionally, like many other laptop stands, this device has 2 legs that can be used to elevate the laptop and, therefore, make the whole experience more enjoyable and more comfortable. In order to make users as relaxed as possible, Tree New Bee Cooling Pad comes with super-quiet fans, which means that you will not be annoyed or irritated by a constant sound of spinning fans and your time spend in from of the computer will be more productive and without the unnecessary stress.


Highly functional and relatively affordable, Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is a great option for many gamers and people who want to own a laptop stand that enables them to cool down the computer and extend the life of their device. Unlike other types of portable computer stands for laptops, cooling pads use a bit of energy but this amount is completely irrelevant and very small. The benefits of cooling pads are enormous and they are one of the best solutions when you need a laptop table stand. With its innovative design and futuristic features, Tree New Bee Cooling Pad won our hearts and our review can certainly be a good pointer to anybody who wants to buy such a computer accessory. There is even a one-year warranty from the manufacturer included with this product, but many reviews say that this cooling pad is extremely durable and sturdy. It is very well-built, and the quality of materials is impressive for a laptop stand with such a price, but no one is complaining about that, aren’t we? If you decide to buy this cooling pad, you will receive a gadget that is portable, easy to carry around and highly efficient, while being very quiet at the same time, and there is not much more you could ask from modern cooling pads and laptop stands.

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