​​​​Rain Design mStand

mStand is a product that is designed mimicking the Apple’s famous MacBook Pro look, and users of this type of laptops are the target audience for this product. It is no secret that people all over the world are in love with the minimalistic design and the amazing features of Apple’s computers and this has probably inspired “Rain Design” to provide Mac users with an accessory that perfectly accommodates the stylistic approach of the laptop creators. This does not mean that other laptops will not fit into this laptop holder, on the contrary, and users can place all sorts of computers onto this gadget (as long as they have the right dimensions). However, the idea of making this laptop stand a part of the Apple family, a kind of distant, humble cousin, is clearly evident and users are generally very happy with this concept.

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What makes this particular Laptop Stand one of the best in the market?

As we already mentioned, mStand is created in a minimalist design, and this means that the whole body of the stand is made out of one single piece. Shaped in a form of a smooth curve and painted in a matte aluminum finish, this laptop stand is not one of those portable computer stands for laptops since this piece is predominantly created with the idea of stability and endurance. Being relatively heavy, mStand opts for a static approach to computer accessories, which means that users usually place this product in one place and leave it stationary. This may be a drawback for some customers, but the design and the amazing beauty of this gadget make it a nice addition to any desk.

Another problem for some users may be the lack of options when it comes to customization since this laptop stand is created as one solid piece and there is no room for adjustments and corrections. The height of your laptop will be six inches while the angle of the laptop’s body will be around 20 degrees. Because of the “no change” policy, users usually buy Apple keyboard and mouse to make the whole set complete and synchronized.

Special features?

When it come to mStand Laptop Stand, we can say that it offers as much as you can take and it is as good as you know how to use it. This means that you have to be creative and innovative and that only you can give this product its true meaning and function. For example, some people use the space beneath the laptop as an additional storage space and they leave their small things under there while the hole at the back of the stand serves as a handy and visually attractive organizing tool. There is also a lovely little raindrop cutout on the area where your laptop will be placed and this hole serves as a source of fresh air and enables easy ventilation. Additionally, this laptop stand comes with thick rubber pads that are perfectly efficient when it comes to preventing your computer from moving. This means that there will be no moving or sliding and, therefore, no scratching of the laptop’s surface, which is especially important to some users.


We tested this product in various conditions and it passed all of our tests, which means that laptop reading desk does not necessarily have to be an adjustable laptop stand for couch and that products such as mStand certainly have their fan base. Due to its sturdy and modest design, this laptop holder performs its tasks in the best way possible – it elevates the screen of your laptop and enables you to use your computer in an easier and more efficient manner. Even though creators of this piece decided to give priority to stability over productivity, many users have shown great satisfaction with the way this sleek and polished piece of metal behaves when they use their laptops. For only $45 there is no doubt that this laptop stand is worth the cost, and that you will not regret buying a computer holder as good as this one. This price is relatively low, which means that you can have a fully operational workstation for $70-80, including a keyboard and a mouse, and that your friends will soon be envious of your stylish and elegant working desk. Placing your laptop on top of mStand will look like it is sitting on a throne, and you should certainly afford this to your favorite computer.

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