​​​​Best Height Adjustable Ventilated Laptop Stands with Cooling Fan

If you’re looking for a way of keeping your laptop cool and improving your posture while working, a laptop stand could prove to be very useful.

For those of you who are on the lookout for the best height adjustable ventilated laptop stand on the market today, knowing how to find the right stand can be tricky as there are so many options.

How to choose the best height adjustable ventilated laptop risers and stands

As mentioned, because the market is so saturated with laptop stands and similar accessories, knowing how to find the best adjustable laptop stand on the market can be incredibly tricky.

Before you consider investing in a new laptop stand, there are several things you must take into consideration. These things include:

  • Price
  • Make and model
  • Compatibility
  • Ventilation
  • Materials
  • Specs
  • Product alternatives & brands
  • Comfort
  • And more…

What is the best adjustable laptop stand on the market today?

If you are adamant that a ventilated laptop stand is right for you, now comes the tricky task of choosing one which is ideal for you and your laptop.

To help make your choice that little bit easier, below we’ll be listing 8 of the best height adjustable laptop stand options for you to choose from.

Skrebba Laptop Stand, EPN Laptop Riser with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop

The first adjustable laptop stand that we have for you today is this offering from Skrebba.

Skrebba Laptop Stand, EPN Laptop Riser with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop Skrebba Laptop Stand, EPN Laptop Riser with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop

Compatible with all laptops between 10 – 17.3”, this is a very useful all-round stand for laptop users, providing a sleek and stylish way of keeping their laptops cool and supported as they work.


  • 20kg weight capacity
  • Anti-skid silicone mats
  • Heat dissipation airflow design
  • Ventilation holes
  • Protective hooks
  • Ergonomic design to promote good posture
  • Multi-angle height adjusted desk stand


Ergonomic design

Thanks to the ergonomic design of this adjustable laptop stand, users can improve their posture and reduce back and neck pain in the process.

20kg load

As the Skrebba provides users with a max 20kg load, users can rest assured that the laptop stand can handle the weight of the laptop without buckling.

Anti-skid silicone mats

Another pro of this particular ventilated laptop stand is the fact that it comes complete with anti-skid silicone mats. These mats are great because they, along with the protective hooks, lock the laptop in place so that it doesn’t move as you type.


Difficulty adjusting

As far as the cons go, a few users have complained about the fact that they have struggled to adjust the height of it.

Moojay adjustable laptop stand

Up next we have the Moojay adjustable laptop stand.

Adjustable Laptop Stand MOOJAY Rotatable Laptop Riser Adjustable Laptop Stand MOOJAY Rotatable Laptop Riser

This aluminum laptop stand from Moojay is suitable for all 10 – 17.3” laptops. It offers a max adjustable laptop height of 8.3 inches, with the minimum height coming in at 5.9 inches.

Offering a stylish ergonomic design, this aluminum stand can rotate 360 degrees and has impressive ventilation to prevent the overheating of your laptop.


  • 360 degree rotation
  • Adjustable height of between 5.9 inches and 8.3 inches
  • High-quality aluminum alloy construction
  • Air circulation holes on the base of the stand platform
  • Silicone pads on the base for stability


Great for keeping laptops cool

As you know, laptops need to “breathe” from the base, otherwise, not enough air can reach them and they can overheat.

Moojay adjustable laptop stand is considered by many to be the best adjustable laptop stand for keeping devices cool. This is thanks to the ventilation holes and high-quality aluminum alloy construction which offers fantastic thermal conductivity and prevents overheating.

360 rotation

Another cool feature of this stand is the 360-degree rotation feature. This feature allows users to rotate the laptop and spin it 360 degrees.

Promotes good posture

Thanks to the fact that it is height adjustable, and because the stand has a tilt feature, users can set the laptop at a perfect height for promoting good posture.


Installation can be tricky for some

Again, we struggled to come up with any flaws in this particular stand, although one issue is the fact that some users found installation to be tricky.

Coolwin Adjustable Laptop Table

Third for you today we have the Coolwin Adjustable Laptop Table, Foldable Laptop Table Stand with 2 CPU Cooling Fans.

Adjustable Laptop Table, Foldable Laptop Table Stand with 2 CPU Cooling Fans Adjustable Laptop Table, Foldable Laptop Table Stand with 2 CPU Cooling Fans

This is the most sophisticated ventilated laptop stand so far, and wow, does it provide some amazing features.

It comes complete with USB ventilation fans for effective laptop cooling, it can be adjusted in height with the press of a button, it looks modern and stylish, and it can be used as a table, a laptop stand, and in a whole variety of different ways.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • USB ventilation fans for cooling
  • Easy angle adjustments
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Can be used as a standing desk, sitting desk, laptop stand, table, and heaps more
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable mouse pad


USB ventilation

By far, one of the coolest features of this height adjustable laptop stand is the USB ventilation fans for cooling.

Rather than just having holes in the stand for ventilation, this device instead has USB-powered cooling fans which will blow cool air into your laptop to help keep everything cool and to prevent it from overheating.

Easily adjust the height

Another very effective feature of this stand is the fact that, with the press of a button, you can easily adjust the height of this laptop stand so you can alter it to a height that suits you.

Detachable mouse pad

Many laptop users prefer using a mouse as opposed to a touchpad mouse pointer and the great thing about this laptop stand is that it provides a detachable mouse pad.

If you wish to use a mouse with your laptop, go ahead and fit the detachable mouse pad to the side of the stand and you’re all set. When you’re done, remove it, and that’s that.


A little pricy

The only real complaint we have come across when researching this particular laptop stand is the fact that it is perhaps a little pricy when compared with other stands.

When you consider the superior design and features, however, many agree that this is money well spent.

Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand

Now we have a laptop stand from Huanuo, which has been turning heads in the tech world lately for all of the right reasons.

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand – Foldable Laptop Table Stand with 2 CPU Cooling Fans

The Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand – Foldable Laptop Table Stand with 2 CPU Cooling Fans is another high tech laptop that is certainly in the running for the best adjustable laptop stand on the market today.

This laptop stand is lightweight and portable, it features 2 in-built CPU cooling fans, it is easy to adjust, and it’s very affordable too.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • 2 in-built CPU cooling fans
  • Height adjustable from 1.5 inches to 21.2 inches
  • Portable carry handle
  • Adjustable button
  • Detachable mousepad
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Multi-function use


Portable carry handle

To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but with devices like this, it is the small touches that make the biggest differences.

Due to the carry handle design on this particular stand, carrying the stand from one location to the next is easier and more comfortable than ever.

CPU cooling fans

Another feature that stands out here with this particular model is the in-built CPU cooling fans.

These 2 cooling fans provide a constant stream of airflow to your CPU, ensuring it performs at its best and doesn’t overheat.

Easily adjustable

Another reason why this is proving to be such a winner is because it is so easily adjustable.

Users have been most impressed with the fact that you can freely adjust the height of the stand with the push of a button.


Can be unstable

One of the main complaints that users have when it comes to this particular model is that it can be a little wobbly and unstable.


Another con we can’t overlook is the fact that a lot of users have complained about the quality of the build of this model, as it is a little flimsy.

GOFOIT X2 Adjustable Laptop Table

Here we have the GOFOIT X2 Adjustable Laptop Table, Foldable Laptop Stand for Bed Portable Lap Desk.

X2 Adjustable Laptop Table by GOFOIT X2 Adjustable Laptop Table by GOFOIT

The X2 features 1 in-built USB powered cooling fan, a detachable mouse pad, a stand for your phone or tablet, an ergonomic design for posture, and easy adjustability with the touch of a button.


  • USB powered cooling fan for heat dissipation
  • Multifunctional: laptop stand, tablet stand, standing desk, lap tray, and more
  • Lightweight 3.5-pound design
  • 18.9-inch max height adjustment
  • Mouse plate
  • Folding table
  • Easy adjustability


Multiple functions

Many of the ventilated laptop stand options we’ve looked at today have several functions, but out of them all so far, this one has impressed us the most.

Users can use this as a laptop stand, a tablet stand, a phone stand, a standing desk, a lap table, and much more besides.

Lightweight design

Weighing in at just 3.5-pounds and made from a combination of plastic and aluminum, the X2 is a very lightweight height adjustable laptop stand that is great for use on the go.



As is always the case, you must take the rough with the smooth and so here’s our one major complaint.

Like other similar stands, the X2 is a little wobbly and unstable, which can be troublesome for people trying to work on a laptop.

Luowan Upgraded Adjustable Laptop Stand

Next up for you to consider is the Luowan Upgraded Adjustable Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan, Aluminium Multi-Angle Computer Laptop Stand.

Upgraded Adjustable Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan by Louwan Upgraded Adjustable Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan by Louwan

This ergonomic laptop stand is a very reasonable price, it has plenty of ergonomic features, and it offers superior cooling power in the form of a cooling fan, aluminum material, and holes in the base for extra ventilation.


  • In-built cooling fan
  • Universal compatibility with all manner of makes and model of laptop
  • Z-type design for ergonomic comfort
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Non-slip silicone mat
  • Protective hooks
  • Easily adjustable riser function


Universal compatibility

Because the market is so saturated with so many different makes and models of laptops, finding a stand suitable for your laptop can be tricky.

However, the Luowan is considered one of the best adjustable laptop stand options in the market because it offers universal compatibility.

Suitable for all laptops and tablets of 10 inches up to 17.3 inches, this is a great all-round product.

Supreme cooling

Not only does this stand provide an in-built USB cooling fan, but it also provides ventilation holes in the base, along with a hollow design for optimal heat dissipation.


Struggles with heavier laptops

If you happen to own a heavier laptop, users have reported that the stand does begin to wobble with weights of around 30 pounds or so.

TopMate C5 10 – 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

Okay, so far the ventilated laptop stand options we’ve covered today have been pretty standard and as you’d expect, but that is about to change thanks to the TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad.

TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

This pad looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and comes complete with all manner of features. For starters, there are 5 super quiet cooling fans, an LCD screen, blue LED lights, a control panel, and more besides.

For gamers, this is the ultimate accessory.


  • 5 super quiet cooling fans including 1 large center fan
  • LCD screen and button control panel
  • Dual USB port
  • 5 adjustable height and angle settings
  • Adjustable fan cooling speed
  • Non-slip mat surface
  • Compatible with laptops, tablets, and even PlayStation games consoles
  • Plastic and metal mesh design


5 cooling fans

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know that when running a top spec gaming laptop, performance is everything. To ensure it performs at its best, you must ensure that the CPU remains cool.

With 5 cooling fans including 4 small fans around the edge and 1 large fan in the center, your laptop will always be cool and working as it should.

The fans can also be adjusted in terms of wind speed, plus they’re very quiet as well.

Stylish design

Okay, how the stand looks isn’t indicative of how it performs, but take it from us, this stand looks awesome.

With a dark plastic and metal mesh design, along with the blue LED lights and the console, this stand looks like something from the future.


Some concerns over longevity

As great as this height adjustable laptop stand is, some users have reported issues after around 4 months of use in which the fans lose power and effectiveness.

Lamicall Laptop Cooler, Laptop Cooling Pad: Portable Height Adjustable Laptop Cooling Fan

And finally, last but by no means least, we have the Lamicall laptop cooler.

Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling stand features a mesh design and a large center fan with speeds adjustable from 700 – 1400 RPM. It provides 7 height adjustment angles, 2 USB ports, and a super quiet design.


  • Mesh design with large integrated fan for cooling
  • 2 USB ports
  • 7 height and angle adjustments
  • 700 – 1400 RPM fan speeds
  • Ultra-silent design
  • Universal compatibility


Ultra-silent design

The first pro we have to cover is the ultra-silent design.

Despite this featuring a powerful fan, even when the fan is set to 1400 RPM, it is still incredibly quiet so you can cool your laptop in near silence.

Universal compatibility

Another great feature of this ventilated laptop stand is the fact that it offers universal compatibility which means it is compatible with virtually any laptop up to 17 inches in size.


Issues with the fan

Reading other reviews, it does appear as if some users have had issues with the fan. Many have complained that the fan stopped working after a few months, and/or that it was also too noisy.

So, which is best and why?

Okay, that brings this look at the best adjustable laptop stand options to a close.

So, after looking at the 8 options listed above, which in our opinion, is the best adjustable laptop stand on the market today?

Well, after much deliberation, we have to say that the Coolwin adjustable ventilated laptop stand is our winner today.

This stand is not only affordable, but it also looks great and offers effective cooling via the 2 USB-powered cooling fans.

For those reasons, that is our pick of the bunch today.

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